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The Urban Law School

Specialized Consulting

The Urban Law School is a educational platform for the people by the people. We offer services for those in need as well as present news udates that are community related.

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Post Conviction Litigation

Post conviction litigation is a possibility and reality for many who don't have the usual funds for high priced criminal defense attorneys. We view clients case files and research proper case citations and laws to produce whatever action is needed so that the client may file pro se under our direction.


Parole Memorandum & Mitigation

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to help assist your loved one gain early release on parole through strategic means. At The Urban Law School we build our clients community and political support to increase chance of parole.


Prisoner's Rights Investigation

Its understood that many prisons are under staffed, the conditions are unliving and many suffer mental health issues. We investigate reported incidents and litigate them for no charge nor retainer.

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App will also allow like minded people to network with each other dealing with community issues etc. 


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