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The "I Was You Project" focuses on connecting with at-risk youth by sharing stories and experiences from individuals who have overcome similar challenges. It often involves mentors or role models who can relate to the struggles these youth face, offering guidance, support, and inspiration. The project aims to foster empathy, understanding, and a sense of hope among young individuals navigating difficult circumstances.

To participate in 9 class program go to Menu then to Courses then pick I Was You section

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I Was You: A Message For At-Risk Youth

This book is to be a guiding light to the youth who is going down the wrong path, the youth who is lost and has no clue as to which way is right or wrong. A partial documentary of said author to show what would likely happen if you choose the wrong path.

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This documentary was made for the youth who is fascinated with the street life; the youth who doesn’t care about anything or anyone. Not like Scared Straight which is proven didn’t work this documentary is made to show the true reality of where a at risk youth will be heading and how it really is behind bars.





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